Call now to get a quote: +1.585.851.8698

Call now to get a quote: +1.585.851.8698

"No matter what the device is, we strive to unify it within the digital ceiling of your workplace. The Internet of Things (IoT) is increasingly growing, having a team of experts who specialize in the IP movement can play a crucial role in the development of your business."

With this new tool we can now offer more with our fiber optic services. The quantum core alignment technology makes splicing extremely time efficient, cost effective, and delivers flawless communication performance. 

Once installed, we follow up with test results and as-built drawings. We are just a call away no matter how large or small the need may be moving forward. 

Step 3: Quote

​It has finally arrived...

The first step in our process is determining what you are aiming to accomplish. Contact us today if you have a specific need or if would like us to evaluate your current infrastructure.

We acquired our new Sumitomo Electric  Q-101 Series fiber optic fusion splicer! 

Ask for a quote today!

Platformatics’ products make it easy to power and control any lighting in the building. We build innovative solutions that combine standards based Ethernet switches with LED lights controlled by application rich software. The outcome is a platform that enables building owners to customize the user experience while conserving energy.

Step 4: Success!

Next we schedule a site visit to evaluate the need, then propose a project plan based on our findings. We will ask all of the questions necessary to cater our integration to your needs. 

Step 1: Contact

Call now to get a quote: +1.585.851.8698

Call now to get a quote: +1.585.851.8698

Call now to get a quote: +1.585.851.8698

Step 2: Survey

Typically within 1-3 business days for most projects, you will receive a detailed quote via email. After accepting the quote, you will be contacted by our Service Manager to schedule the installation.

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