Data Cabling

Network CablesUltimate Cabling Services prides itself on its cabling installations. The reliability of your network and equipment begins with a solid and well installed cable infrastructure. We recommend using cat 6 cable to future proof your network. These installations support PoE (power over ethernet), access control, wireless, LED over PoE and CCTV solutions.

Ultimate is well versed in running lines for new construction as well as updating, adding on or tidying up current infrastructure.

Fiber Optics

Fiber OpticsWhen planning a fiber optic installation, it is important to have someone with the proper understanding of fiber networks. There are several different kinds of fiber whether it be single or multimode, if multimode is it going to be 50 or 62.5 micron, if 50 micron will it be OM3 or OM4, is the fiber loose tube or tight buffered, and which ends to use...SC, LC, or ST?

It may sound like a lot of details but each of these specifications are unique to an application. For a seasoned fiber integrator, these are all obvious choices based on the environment and requirements of the communication. Let us help determine the right solution for your needs.

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Access Control

Access ControlJust like the rest of our services, we built our access control solution around a PoE IP based door controller. This makes installation a snap as all we need to run to each door is a single Cat 6 cable. Remote login privileges allow the client to manage credentials, run reports, and monitor live activity from anywhere with an internet connection.

We can tailor the system for the client’s specific need. We offer a number of credentialing devices including the most popular key cards, fob’s and even mobile credentialing.

CCTV Solutions

When dealing with security, it’s important to stick with companies that are leading the industry with cutting edge technology. We choose Samsung for that very reason. As a silver level certified Samsung seller and installer, we are able to extend great offers and discounts on the newest released products.

With every installation our customers receive the software “Smart Viewer” for PC and Mobile, which is configured to view and search live and stored footage for multiple sites on one easy to use platform. We also have a full maintenance program which is very competitive in price and ensures proper care throughout the life of the system.

Wireless Solutions

Wireless Access PointsWhether you are looking to add wifi to your office place or need a point to point wireless connection, Ultimate Cabling does it all. Utilizing PoE capabilities allows us to run 1 cat 6 cable to each access point to provide data signaling and power to the device.


  • Utilizes PoE so no electrical is needed near the access point
  • Easy to manage via cloud controller software
  • Custom setup for your network needs

LED over PoE

Data Center with LED over PoEIf you are in the process of drawing the specs for a new building or would like to upgrade your current lighting, let us schedule a site visit to examine the current system and draw up a quote for an installation. LED lighting over PoE power is a great choice for data centers looking to maximize on efficiency.


  • Lights give off almost no heat
  • Energy savings
  • Easy to manage via controller software
  • Custom setup for your network needs

LED lighting over PoE power is a great choice for data centers looking to maximize on efficiency. With sensors, we can program lights to only be on when there is activity. The lights give off almost no heat at all, cutting down on HVAC expenses and equipment fan overloads. The quality of light has a wide and deep fill which will be soft and easy on the eyes because they do not flicker. Data Center Managers and Admins can retrieve detailed energy usage reports from the light server. Another benefit of the system is you can tie in colored strip lighting if you would like to color code your cabinets or are looking for a visibly cutting edge solution.

Paging Systems

Paging System DiagramWhether your looking to make announcements to a school or play music in your restaurant, this solution can be tailored to your specific needs. Before you go with a traditional analog system with amplifiers, let us divert you to the efficiency and ease of our network based IP solution.


  • Runs over PoE so no electrical outlets required near your devices
  • Custom setup for your network needs

National Support

United StatesLooking for a local company to provide on the ground hands on support for your national company? Ultimate Cabling is here to help for these situations. If you are looking for a provider in the Western New York area please reach out to us for pricing and scheduling at or via our online form.

"As a business owner, you need to focus the majority of your time in your areas of expertise to grow your business, and you need to be able to count on those who provide service to you.

The team at Ultimate Cabling has exceeded our expectations in every aspect of our relationship with them.  They have always asked the right questions to make sure they understand exactly what we need.  They are open and honest about time and money factors when they present options for us.  They communicate often and well during project implementation, and they always follow up to make sure they accomplished what we needed done."

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